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Where Nature meets Nootropics

From spore to sale & grown in high frequency sound

At Frequency, we cultivate our mushrooms in a high vibration & natural environment while playing divine healing frequencies (432 Hz, 777 Hz, chanting, etc.) throughout the various stages of the 🍄 life to infuse intention into each 🍄. We do all unique genetics in house, allowing us to monitor the quality throughout the entire process. Depression, anxiety & fear are low frequency while love, joy & happiness are high frequency.

*We do not outsource any ingredients or procedures*

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"I was really at the end of my rope. The combination of Covid fatigue and isolation left me with no motivation and a difficulty focusing. Since taking Candy Caps, I have seen a BIG difference in my overall mental & physical well-being."


"I never knew what it was like to truly live until I discovered Frequency Caps. The Microdose health supplement gifted me the upgrade i'd always been searching for when nothing else could."


"These are the best mushrooms I've ever had. Usually, they give me anxiety but these have been amazing. I took a microdose this am & am feeling really good..."


"My partner loves the capsules. He has pretty crippling generalized anxiety and says it has made a huge difference in daily functioning & life. I'm so happy about it. We've tried everything & nothing has seemed to help until now."


"I wanted to tune in and let you know I'm loving your beautiful product. Both my partner and I are so grateful to source for connecting us to your products. Furthering our healing journeys and supporting us in the dance of the human experience..."


For Optimal Well-Being, Clarity & Joy

Our proprietary 🍄 products deliver optimum results with proven health benefits for the mind, body & brain. Find out more about our modern twist on ancient 🍄 medicine & the proven benefits of microdosing in our informative video gallery below.

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Where Nature meets Nootropic

All products are intentionally grown spore to sale in our high frequency environment. Our hand-picked & dipped Candy Caps, Infini-Tea & Microdose are the purest quality 🍄 on the market.

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Tap back into who you really are & explore our mushroom products to learn more about the healing power of microdosing & it's proven health benefits.

Take a deep dive in a shamanic ceremony with Desi Valentine here.

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