Energy Microdose

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Our ENERGY microdose are made to optimize your mental health &
well-being, creativity, focus, clarity and anxiety relief in the mind, body & brain. This blend uses the “Stamets Stack” formula designed by Paul Stamets. It includes niacin for the niacin “flush” effect of opening the capillaries and accelerating the magic. It’s not what you feel, it’s what you don’t feel :)

We have added premium organic ingredients including Lions Mane to this blend to upgrade energy levels before exercise or activities. We recommend that you take 1 a day, in the morning, for two days on and two days off to maximize the long-term benefits. It’s best if you have felt the effects of niacin previously. 

Each bottle contains 2 month's worth (on a 2 day on 2 day off protocol) or 33 capsules and each capsule contains .15 g of magic.


We provide safe & discreet shipping to your location.


*Note: If you are on any antidepressants (SSRIs), it can take away the effects of the medicine.

*If you are interested in weening off of antidepressants (SSRIs), please email us and we will personalize a protocol for you.



*Here's some more information from John's Hopkins.*


Are YOU ready to upgrade your life? Watch the video on the benefits of microdosing below!