Candy Caps Social Dose

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Introducing a new way of seeing. Unlike chocolate bars which grind up the entire mushroom (usually past peak harvesting), our Candy Caps are the actualĀ šŸ„ caps, which areĀ intentionally grown, carefully picked at their peakĀ and harvested in a 432 Hz environment to maximize theirĀ naturalĀ benefits and help upgrade your mind, body & brain. They are the premium caps of each harvest.Ā 

Each Candy Caps tin contains 4 grams of magic and each cap has an average of .3 g of magic, cultivatedĀ to upgradeĀ your social experiences. You can see the quality in each cap while preserving the integrity of the naturalĀ šŸ„.

*Candy Caps are great for use in social settings, movies, parties, festivals, hiking, before body work, etc.*


We provide safe & discreet shipping to your location.


ļ»æļ»æ*Note: If you are on any antidepressants (SSRIs), it can take away the effects of the medicine.

*If youĀ are interested in weeningĀ off of antidepressants (SSRIs), please email us and we will personalize a protocol for you.


Watch the video to learn about our premium Candy Caps social dose below!