Calm Microdose

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Our CALM microdose are made to optimize your mental health & well-being, creativity, focus, clarity and anxiety relief in the mind, body and brain. We have added premium organic ingredients including Rhodiola, Lion's Mane, Bacopa Monnieri, Cordyceps and Cacao to create a sustained calming effect in the mind & body. We recommend that you take 1 a day, in the morning, for two days on and two days off to maximize the long-term benefits.

Each bottle contains 2 month's worth (on a 2 day on 2 day off protocol) or 33 capsules and each capsule contains .12 g of magic.

*Here's some more information from John's Hopkins!*


"These are the best mushrooms I've ever had. Usually, they give me anxiety but these have been amazing. I took a microdose this am and am feeling really good..."


Are YOU ready to upgrade your life? Watch the video on the benefits of microdosing below!