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Our premium InifiniTea is made to optimize your mental health & well-being, amplify creativity, deepen focus and aid anxiety in the mind, body and brain. Having more magic than each Candy Cap, this microdose will provide a deeper journey. Being in tea form, the magic is ingested quickly without the fiber of the raw 🍄 cap.

Each tea bag contains .88 g of frequency magic and is intentionally blended with  peppermint herbs. Each tin of InfiniTea contains 8 bags of undetectable magic.


Are YOU ready to upgrade your life? Watch the video on the benefits of psychedelic  🍄  & microdosing below!


"Drinking my tea for the first time and it is so wonderful. It is so delicious and I am a complete tea snob. I can feel the love, joy and peace that was given to the plants when they were grown..." ~ Monica